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Image by Henning Witzel


HaiLa is a fabless semiconductor and software company focused on hyper power-efficient wireless communications system-on-chip solutions.

Founded in 2019, HaiLa's mission is to enable sustainable scaling of IoT sensor deployments, across multiple applications, over existing wireless infrastructure. We address this through massive reduction in power consumption of the sensor's wireless radio, which eliminates the need for sensor batteries.  



Today, and more so in the future, the world relies on billions of sensors that connect and monitor machines, living spaces, and environments to help decision makers reduce waste and increase efficiency. At the same time, wireless connected sensing relies on batteries - billions of them. To mitigate the operational costs and environmental impact of scaling IoT sensing, solutions to reduce and eliminate wireless sensor batteries are urgently needed.


At HaiLa, we know it is possible to radically increase the battery life for wireless sensors, and ultimately for them to last indefinitely on ambient energy sources removing the need for batteries, and we are dedicated to bringing this vision to reality. By adapting HaiLa's technology to Wi-Fi first, we plan to deliver ultra-low power sensor connectivity for smart homes, buildings, and transport, as well as for industrial automation, medical, and agricultural markets.  In doing so, we believe we will help global reduction of carbon footprint and battery waste, paving the way for sustainable scaling of wireless IoT. 


Charlotte Savage
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Derek Kuhn
President & CEO

Ramzy Metwalli
Chief Financial Officer

Vytas Kezys
Chief Scientist

Board of Directors

Helge Seetzen

Johanne Sévigny

Greg Allen

Glenn Henderson

Derek Kuhn


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