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Haila's founder and Chief innovation officer joins 2021 edition of forbes 30 under 30

Charlotte Savage, HaiLa’s founder and Chief Innovation Officer, was featured in this year's annual Forbes 30 Under 30 List in the Energy category. Charlotte was recognized for the revolutionary potential of the technology she is helping develop at HaiLa as well as her role as an ambassador for female leadership and representation in the semiconductor industry, which according to the Global Semiconductor Alliance stands at less than 1%.


HaiLa's Radioless technology allows sensor data to ride existing signals in the air, eliminating the need for a power-hungry radio (radios typically use energy to emit signals from the sensor itself to transmit data). This drastically reduces the power consumption of sensor devices, a restraint that has long been a barrier to the adoption of the Internet of Things.

Going Radioless has the potential to save billions of batteries from winding up in landfills, reducing the demand for precious metals sourced through harmful mining practices. By enabling sensor networks that are less costly and easier to maintain than incumbent technologies, HaiLa also increases the number of sensors that can be deployed in a given network. The more sensors a network can support, the larger the data set and the richer the insights, leading to higher performance solutions (greater resource optimization, waste reduction, and efficiency).


Under Charlotte's leadership, HaiLa has been able to reach important milestones toward the commercialization of our technology. Since developing our first prototype in 2017, Charlotte has proven the commercial viability of the technology through proof of concept partnerships with industry leaders. Charlotte also took home the grand prize at the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge in 2019, beating out over 200 companies from 70 countries. Since then, she has assembled an experienced and proven management team including CEO Ole Christian Andersen and raised a successful seed round. HaiLa is currently in the process of taping-out the first test chip, which we expect to ship to research partners in Q2 2021.

The HaiLa team congratulates Charlotte on this amazing achievement!

Read her full profile on Forbes

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